Arnold DanceSport Classic 

At the bottom of this page are three links corresponding to your options relating to competition dance entry and purchase forms. Before selecting one you should read the information just below to see which option suits you best.

The first and simplest option is to print the forms you need, complete them by hand, and send them to the competition organizer. Although this is the simplest approach, it requires the most work for both you and the competition organizer, who has to enter your information in his/her computer manually.

The second method requires you to download a setup file and run it to install the entry forms (in a computer readable form) and a computer program for accessing them on your computer. The program runs only on computers using the Microsoft Windows® operating system. Once the download and installation are complete, you can use a desktop shortcut icon to run the program, which allows you to enter your information and email it to the organizer. If there are changes in your information (additions, deletions, switching of dance category levels and ages) you just run the program again and email the information to the organizer. After each change you can recalculate your total bill, which is subject to review by the organizer.

The third method is online registration, in which you enter your information into entry forms on this web site and save it on the web site host computer for the organizer to retrieve later. This is similar to the second method, but does not require you to download and install a computer program. If there are changes in your information you just return to this site to make the changes and recalculate your bill, which is subject to review by the organizer.

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